Increase Sexual Stamina Through Kegel Exercises

If you are tired of your average sexual stamina and the impact it is having on your sex life, there is hope for you. Firstly, you are not alone in this struggle and just a part of a huge male population who go through this ordeal – day after day. More good news, your pursuit for improved sexual stamina that you can be proud of, could be over.

The answer lies in kegel exercises. These exercises have helped thousands of men in increasing their sexual stamina. Recent studies have concluded that men, who perform exercises regularly, not only lasted longer in bed but also reported harder erections. In fact, men who have been practicing kegel exercises for a few years now claim that they can delay their climax as long as they want. So, what are these exercises and how are they so effective in increasing sexual stamina?

Kegel exercises are a set of exercises that aim to contract, as well as, relax muscles that are located in the pelvic floor. They are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel. Pregnant women are recommended to perform these exercises also, in order to prepare their bodies for childbirth. In addition, they have been widely prescribed to treat urinary incontinence. And, in recent years, there has been increased evidence that these exercises improve sexual pleasure, strengthen the erection and delay ejaculation in men.

To start doing kegel exercises, you need to isolate your kegel muscles. This can be easily achieved by trying to stop the flow of your urine in between, when you go to the bathroom. These are your kegel muscles, and strengthening them will help you enhance your sexual stamina significantly. Once you have identified the muscles, it is time to start exercising.

Begin by squeezing your kegel muscles for 3 seconds and follow it up by a relaxation period of 3 seconds. Perform a set of 10 such repetitions for the first few days, 3 times a day. After a few days, in addition to the first exercise, practice holding your kegel muscles for up to 10 seconds and then relax them for 5 seconds. Use these two exercises in different variations twice a day. You will begin to notice better control over these muscles and you will begin to notice an improvement in your sexual stamina. Stick with this exercise regime to reap from the long-term benefits of doing kegel exercises.