Workout After Pregnancy – Regain Your Confidence

If you thought delivering a baby is the only labor pain you go through, think again! Workout after pregnancy is essential as a woman gains an average of 15 to 30 pounds during pregnancy period.

Why Workout?

Workouts after pregnancy help a woman to regain her original weight and boost self-esteem. It also helps her to strengthen her back muscles that bore the brunt of her labor. Moreover, her pelvic and abdominal muscles would need to be toned up as well. Most importantly, a woman needs to increase her stamina and energy levels so that she is fit enough to take care of her baby, her home and her family.

How Soon Can Postpartum Workouts Start?

Workout after pregnancy is usually recommended six weeks after normal vaginal delivery. In the meantime, one can go for light exercises such as walking, stretching and deep breathing that prepare your joints and ligaments. These exercises can gradually be increased in intensity as the baby grows and so does the mother’s stamina.

In cases where the woman had to undergo a C-section, she is advised to go easy on her workouts and enable her body to heal better by walking around at an easy pace.

Losing The Extra Baggage

Weight loss after pregnancy is a slow and gradual process. However, resorting to crash diets or rapid weight-loss programs could result in unwanted complications. It is more important to be healthy than slim in the initial postpartum months as your baby needs you the most. Pregnancy weight gain can be shed within six to eight months after childbirth. A gradual workout routine combined with a healthy diet is the best way to go about it.

Special Postpartum Workouts

Kegel workouts are special exercises designed to firm up the pelvic floor muscles and can be performed even during the pregnancy period to aid a smoother delivery. Kegel exercises are also useful in treating urinary incontinence resulting out of prolonged childbirth labor.

Kegel workouts can be done anywhere and anytime. The pelvic floor muscles comprise a ‘hammock’ of muscles that hold the pelvic organs in place. Kegel workouts involve tightening and relaxing of these muscles.

Workouts And Breastfeeding

Workouts after pregnancy do not affect the quantity or quality of breast milk in any way. However, it is advisable to feed the baby before a workout as exercising supposedly increases lactic acid in the breast milk, which the baby may not like. In addition, feeding the baby prior to a workout relaxes the breasts and makes them lighter.

Workout With Care

Follow these tips to ensure a successful postpartum workout experience.

Consult your gynecologist for a well-planned workout plan.
Wear a sports bra to avoid breast pain during workouts.
Take the help of a certified fitness expert before you perform any exercises for the first time.
Do not strain any muscles while exercising.
Drink plenty of water and fluids to avoid dehydration.
Do not compromise on your daily-recommended calorie intake.

Workouts after pregnancy help a woman to restore her strength and energy after childbirth. Workouts after pregnancy should be gradual and moderate. Kegel exercises help in tightening the pelvic muscles that become weak during delivery. Weight loss after pregnancy could be very easy if you do proper exercises after pregnancy under the guidance of your fitness trainer or a qualified therapist. If you want to regain your shape fast after pregnancy, make sure that you take adequate precautions during your pregnancy period to avoid excessive pregnancy weight gain

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